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Inspecting large animals, such as horses or cattle, for an accurate diagnosis or pre-purchase inspection it is difficult to transport the animal to an inspection facility. Mobility is essential for equine, zoo or farm veterinarian. Since inspections are outdoors or in barn the veterinarian needs a system that he can use in the field. Diagnosing and evaluating the animal correctly is crucial for the correct treatment. 

vet1Especially race horses gets accumulated fatigue on legs & knee and it happens horse fall down frequently gets injured during hard racing. The injured horse should be monitored on site for the first aid before carrying him to the facility.

At this time veterinarian should diagnosis accurately if the horse gets leg sprain or fractured. The treatment should be verified with an X-ray image. Horse, race horse is very high valuable asset to the owner. The first treatment depending on the injury is highly required and it affects the recovery.

iRay A6 live capture image feature enables the veterinarian to get instant and accurate diagnosis on site.

There are lots of animals in zoo like tiger and lions. How difficult do you think if the veterinarian should carry them in the treatment facility in case a lion has trouble in mouth or teeth or limb? He should give a shot of Novocain and several strong people put him on the truck to the treatment room and return him to the pen after treatment. It is very time consuming and inconvenient.

Dexcowin’s iRay series concept is that moving an X-ray to the patient instead moving the patient to the X-ray. iRay D4 is equipped with X ray and display screen on the top and intra oral sensor combined. It is used for instant dental treatment beside the animal patient. Or for other extremity for big animals iRay A6 is right choice.

In general pet clinic, there are many clinics still using a big X-ray machine for small pet teeth treatment. However, the traditional big X-ray exposes a high radiation and it is too much for small mouth of pet. It affects daily operator’s health also.

iRay D3 or D4 are designed for oral X-ray treatment for both human and animal. It gives a spot live clear image with 1/7 less minimal radiation to avoid unnecessary much exposure.


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