“I have been using the Dexcowin iRay D4 machine for 6 months. The most impressive part about this machine is the image quality! When I see images from other devices, I know I made the right decision. The screen is clear and images can be seen easily. You can transfer the images wirelessly to your computer! This device is 100% portable! The patient doesn’t have to move from room to room, because the machine does! It is also very easy to use. And our patients LOVE IT! We are not running out of the room when we take an x-ray because we don’t have to! I know this machine is the future of dentistry!

Thank you for all your help.”

Dr. Emrah



Dentists in Africa performing philanthropy work using the iRay D3

Dr. Chris in the Philippines performing philanthropy work using the iRay D4

DR. ELAINE CEBULIAK: “Our small animal clinic in Brisbane, Australia (www.animalwellness.com.au), has a special interest in dentistry. We regularly radiograph fractured teeth and periodontally affected teeth to see the pathology that is below the gum line.We started using the intraoral size 2 digital sensor all in one Dexcowin x-ray unit over 4 years ago. We were the first in Australia to adopt this technology which significantly improved our capacity to deal with problematic dental cases. We really enjoy the instant X-ray picture and time saving feature that this provides. Downloading the picture to our patient files also enables us to enlarge the frame many times to find subtle root tip apical problems.”

DR. ELAINE CEBULIAK BVSc MACVSc, Dip Ed, Dip Rem Massage, CMAVA, CVA (acupuncture) Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip W Herbal Med, Adv Dip Nut, CHM Veterinary Surgeon, Physician, & Acupuncturist with special interest in Advanced Dentistry

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