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These days in all parts of the world, the act of terror can happen at any time and place. An terrorist act is one directed at people, has deadly consequences, and creates horror within the society. A terrorist’s deadliest tools are guns and explosives, bombs or materials killing massive numbers of people in crowded places such as airports, party places, sports games, subways or other crowded places. Its impact is expanding and being maximized towards a climactic moment. It is more severe in cases of a suicide bombings and shootings because of the large fatalities involved. 

Terrorism aims to kill innocent people randomly and give an indirect warning message to their target parties so their existence can be recognized.


This is different from the previous cases, which was pointed directly to the political facilities such as embassy buildings or military base.

Acts of terror are also performed by a small group or individual followers to a certain organization like a guerrilla unit. So it is more difficult for police or military to focus on a visible target to prevent terrorist attacks.

The police SWAT team or military team need a lightweight portable X-ray detection device to be able to easily carry for moving target in outdoor spots or outside of a regular conveyeor scanner system, and in a limited space like a patrol car where a big X ray scanner is not able to be fit in.


The airport check-in area or waiting room before a conveyor scanner system is still the hottest spot that terror could happen due to it being crowded. If the police SWAT team or security team walking patrol and find a person with a suspicious bag or an attended package, they do not want to open it but should check what it is inside.

There are many other security companies providing of VIP protection service, facility security & inspection for a government or private individual. The security service is not only limited to detecting an explosive material but also to find bugs hidden inside wall switches or squeezed inside tables. They do not want to touch or destroy it in order to inspect it.

Government facilities are still the most vulnerable target for terror attacks because of their large impact. If one day the staff receives a small, heavy, suspicious-looking box, they will not want to open it.

Many military bases are set up in dispatched local territories or in country borders. There is a lot of traffic passing thru the gate in the military compound or cross the border. Usually an MP is standing out at a check-point. A disguised private supplier is carrying in a suspicious bag or looks bigger around a shirt. An MP should look inside the bag without opening it or search the body without touching him.

For all those situations, iRay A6 was designed for all-in-one, combined with X ray, detector and image display on the machine. iRay A6 has also strong features for mobile site, lightweight (3.6kg only for machine) packing, fast installation, battery power, easy carrying handheld type so that the security teams can get into inspection site easily and make an intelligent decision instantly. iRay A6 has been tested in the most difficult, dangerous and complex military conditions for providing the most suitable information to the customers.

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