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Forensics, Fire and Arson, disaster victim identification (DVI).

Police investigators or fireman gather forensic evidence by using portable x-ray system and examine the fragments and gather information from the criminal or fire site.

The tiny evidence such as finding an ignition point from the scattered and melt down site could be determinable proof of arson that could be passed as a normal fire case.

The most important issue of forensics, fire and arson is the preserve the site to gather information or evidence with minimal damage to the site or body.

iRay A6’s mobility and adjustable power feature helps them to find the clue from some structural components, which cannot be moved to the lab or if do so, could damage the original condition. Also depending on the thickness or softness, adjusting power to the object will give investigators the clearer image that they are looking to receive.


For the case of murdered and buried victim or numerous dead bodies from a disaster or war, a police or military forensic team needs to identify them or group the scattered bones before being moved to avoid being damaged or mixed together with others.

Normally the location would be on a mountain or in a field with no electricity power supply. A heavy and ac-powered x-ray is not feasible for this purpose, but a portable and easy carrying lightweight X-ray is.

iRay A6 is a light and compact style portable X-ray device working with multiple extra batteries to be an answer to this investigation. Also besides the 8 x 10 flat panel detector, it supports an intra oral sensor to take a teeth X-ray images.

During a big earthquake, Tstunami in Japan five years ago, Japanese police used iRay D4, Dexcowin dental X-ray machine to acquired teeth from the dead body and identify them by matching dental data base. About 50,000 people’s teeth images stored in iRay D4 16 GB memory and transferred to PC to do search.

iRay A6 is being used for the various fields such as Ecology searching the food chain for nature preservation, R&D for the improvement of breed livestock & fishery resource and developing a new medicine, Non-destructive test (NDT) for QC products and airplane wing’s crack detection, etc.

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