During the combat period, tens thousands of hostile deaths, the killed in action and wounded and death from wound occurred. However, it is a surprise to know that there were very substantial number of soldiers died and wounded in action even while peace keeping time from act of terror, accident.

Many thousands of military personnel in Army and also even sailors, airmen, and marines are performing military exercise every day throughout the world. They were deployed to the combat field to perform the mission in conflict territories and have been stayed even after cease fired to perform Operation Enduring Freedom in there.


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Besides the conflict countries the soldiers are exposed to fatal risk, the many military personnels get wounded and died from the exercise and accidents in even normal non-conflict areas.

Every injury in field needs an emergency care and it contributes preventing the fatal and progress of further aftereffect. First aid treatment requires fast and accurate diagnosis. It is true in case of especially bullet wound and bone fracture before the wounded soldiers are being transferred to the field hospital or while waiting for treatment.

iRay A6 enables the medic in military medic vehicle to take an X-ray to do accurate treatment preventing the further progress of wound.

Navy warship is sailing for long time until it lands for being supplied. Normally most time floating in the middle of sea. In case the sailors get injured, which is expected to have bone fracture from the accident, the medic feels a necessity of X-ray device for diagnosis till transferring him to a hospital ship. However normally there is a limited space and it costs much to install a big X-ray. So there are not many cases it has an X-ray.

iRay A6 is a completely portable in circumstance at small space and it was designed for minimal radiation in there. It provides a live and clear images on the right time when X-ray images promptly are demanded.

Nowadays most countries tend to increase the budget for the welfare of military personnels in order to motivate them since they are devoting their lives for the country. A large amounts of budget set for medic for soldiers. Not only for emergency equipment but also dental for daily healthy life in military service.

Dexcowin iRay D3, iRay D4 are absolute alternative devices with all-in-one features to comply with governments budget plan for military.

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