iRay D4 Overview

iRay D4 Dental Mobile Handheld X-Ray

iRayD4 is an all-in-one imaging solution with a high quality digital sensor. And a built in computer with 4.8 inch digital screen makes it possible for you to easily check and diagnose the radiographs in real time.

iRay D4 is wireless, handheld, and completely mobile thus eliminating the need for designated X-ray machine rooms. Therefore, you can even use it in remote locations without computer access.


  • Product Name: iRay D4
  • Product Model Name: ADX4000
  • Tube Voltage: 60kV(fixed)(US Version 65kV)
  • Tube Current: 2mA(Fixed)(US Version 1.7mA)
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Exposure time range: 0.05~1.35sec.
  • Focal spot: 0.8mm
  • Target angle: 20°
  • Power Consumption: 240 VA
  • Weight: 2.6kg (shield excluded)
  • Cooling Method: Oil Cooling Method
  • Total Filtering: Over 1.5mmAl (inherent filtration: 0.8mmAl, fixed type added filter : 0.7mmAl)
  • Detector: Intraoral
  • Sensor Sensor sizes: 1.0; 1.5; 2.0


  • Convenient
    • Image Display in Real Time on LCD screen
    • Wireless Image Transfer to PC and download with USB cable
    • Multi-display function on device and PC screen
    • iRayD4 does not require special additional equipment such as computers or sensors since is an all-in-one system.
  • Safety
    • Certified as SAFE TO USE BY HAND
    • Rechargeable high capacity battery, taking more than 300 shots with a single charge
    • Removable Battery- Battery charges separate from the main body
  • User Interface
    • Big memory capacity to store with 16GB
    • UI operates by Touch Panel screen
    • High quality of images display


Q. What is the concept of ADX4000W?
  • iRay D4 is a creative and unique model combined handheld X-ray and image screen and sensor all together in one machine. It is a standalone type all in one solution handheld X-ray. The image can be stored in or transferred wireless or wire to close PC.
  • It is totally portable handheld operating by battery.
Q. How many images does it hold?
  • It has 16GB memory to store more than 1000 pictures.
Q. Do I need to buy software?
  • iRay D4 has own operating system, windows and acquire and process the image by itself.
  • iRay D4 is packaged with software for image transition to PC and process.
Q. Is it FDA Cleared?
  • It is cleared by FDA. 510K number is K134055
Q. Can it send images to my pc wirelessly or with a wire?
  • It could both. It has also clone image function the user can see the acquired image on the both screen of machine and PC simultaneously.
Q. Does it bridge to my software?
  • iRay D4 produce Jpeg, BMP file and DICOM image to be attached to any other software
  • The transmitted image to PC by wire or wireless could be attached to the patient chart
Q. Is it touch-screen?

Yes. It has a color graphical UI screen with touch screen to select menu and operate

Q. Can I use my own sensor or intra oral camera?
  • Now it is compatible with schick(Fona), e2V (Different brand name such as Dentimax, XDR etc.) and Vatech …
  • Most intra oral camera






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