iRay D3 Overview

iRay D3 Dental Mobile Handheld X-Ray

iRay D3 is Dexcowin’s first invented portable x-ray machine, which was released after several years of R&D. We have designed it as a pure handheld portable X-ray and compatible to all kinds of detectors, with clear, effective images.

Among various strengths of DX3000, we consider the Safety as our top priority and we have put efforts on the safety of the operators and the patients. Our long term company strategy for iRay D3 is to “Make it safe,” ”Make it better than yesterday,” and “Make it durable.”

  • Product Name: iRay D3
  • Product Model Name: DX3000
  • X-ray generator: high frequency
  • Tube voltage: 60kV(fixed)-US Version(65kv)
  • Tube current: 2mA(fixed)US Version(1.7mA)
  • Power Consumption: 240 VA
  • Focal spot: 0.8mm
  • Distance to target: Distance between target and Focal Spot > 10 [cm]
  • Target angle: 20°
  • Exposure time range: 0.05~1.35sec.
  • Weight: 2.6kg (shield excluded)
  • Detector: Film / PSP / Digital Sensor Display: OLED
  • Cooling Method: Oil Cooling Method


  • Convenience
    • Compatible with diverse digital sensors and films
    • Light and compact style
    • Dual Exposure Buttons
    • More than 200 shots with one fully charged battery
  • Safety
    • Great Reduction of x-ray exposure up to 1/7 compared with traditional x-rays
    • Adopting High- frequency circuit of inverter type
    • Safe and Stable rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
    • Hand strap to prevent any accident
  • Mobility
    • Complete mobile system, which can be use in remote locations
    • Not need of especial room for taking x-ray images
    • Perfect size to carry wherever you need


Q. Is DX3000 FDA approved?

Yes! K133007 is 510K number for DX3000.

Q. What are the safety features?
  • Designed for handheld, so by shielding around generator and cone with multiple lead layers, it minimizes the leakage radiation.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery is very safe and stable with a safety circuit.
  • Back scatter shield protects the user.


Q. Is DX3000 compatible with any detectors?
  • DX3000 is an X-ray source. It is compatible with any kind of detector; sensor, film, PSP, etc.
Q. What is the warranty policy?
  • DX3000 has 1 year of manufacturing warranty.
Q. How do I know which exposure time is recommended for each tooth type?
  • DX3000 provides a preset exposure time on the GUI. The exposure time table for reference is shown in the user manual. However it can also be adjusted for by user preference.
Q. What is the proper distance between skin and the device?
  • DX3000 meets the requirements by FDA or other regulations, which SSD should be longer than 18cm from the focal point. Besides SSD, we recommend the distance from the skin to the edge of the cone should be 5cm (2inches) in order to get a good image.
Q. How could I get the best image?
  • X-ray spreads from the anode of tube 15 degrees. The user should maintain 5cm (2inches) distance between the skin and the edge of the cone try to make a right angle against the sensor or detector. The proper distance and right angle position could help to get a better image and avoid cone cut.
Q. Battery life?
  • It depends on how frequent the user uses it. Normally, we recommend to replace it every year, or at least two years for safety.
Q. How long does it take to charge the battery?
  • It takes about 1 hour and takes about 250 to 300 shots with a fully charged battery.
Q. What are other options for power supply?
  • The external battery or the AC DC adapter is available.



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