iRay A6 Overview

iRay A6

The iRay A6 is the most advanced innovation yet in our signature line of portable X-ray systems.  It comes equipped with fully adjustable power and the ability to interface to digital sensors, intraoral cameras, and large flat panel X-ray detectors.

iRay A6 is the perfect solution for portable multipurpose radiography that can be used for many applications. It has a built in processor and provides live viewing with an attached 4.8″ color touch screen display. Equipped with an 8″ x 10″ flat panel X-ray (or 10″ x 12″), the iRay A6 can give you on the spot live viewing, and with 16 GB of internal storage, and wireless transfer capabilities, your images are safe wherever you go and easily ported from place to place. “Move the X-Ray device to the patient not the patient to the X-Ray room”.



 Comparison Sheet 
iRay A6 (ADX6000)iRay A6FB (ADX6000FB)
Size7"H × 6.2"W × 12.6"D7"H × 6.2"W × 12.6"D
Weight7.9 Lb 7.9 Pb
Source to skin distance30cm (from focal spot to SSD tip)30cm (from focal spot to SSD tip)
Backscatter radiation protectionAvailableAvailable
User interfaceGUI interafce, exposure button.GUI interafce, exposure button.
Tube head mountingHandheld, or on a standHandheld, or on a stand
Cooling system Oil CoolingOil Cooling
Applied Tube (Core Part of X-ray generator)Toshiba D-0813BToshiba D-0813B
Energy SourceRechargeable 18.5V DCRechargeable 18.5V DC
Li-polymer battery pack Li-polymer battery pack
Exposure Time0.05~1.35s in 0.01 increment0.05~1.35s in 0.01 increment
mA / kVp1~5mA / 50 ~ 80kVp(Adjustable)1~5mA / 50 ~ 80kVp(Adjustable)
Duty Cycle1:601:60
Tube focal spot0.8mm0.8mm
Target angle16°16°
Total filtrationMore than 2.5mmAl(At 80kV) (Inherent Filtration: 1mmAl, Fixed added filter: 1.5mmAl)More than 2.5mmAl(At 80kV) (Inherent Filtration: 1mmAl, Fixed added filter: 1.5mmAl)
Internal Memory16 Gb (Storage)N/A
Data TransferUSB / WiFi (Wireless)N/A
Input DevicesDigital flat panel detector N/A
Battery charging Time2 Hrs2 Hrs
Possible Shot150 Times with full charged150 Times with full charged
Screen4.8" Touch Pad screen4.8" Touch Pad screen
Compatibilityworks with integrated DRworks with any DR or CR

Features A6

  • Convenience
    • Multiple tasks possible with one Device
    • Wireless Data transfer by wi-fi and AP dongle
    • Instant x-ray image display on LCD screen
    • Internal memory storage for over 1000 x-ray images
  • Multipurpose
    • Podiatry
    • Medical
    • Orthopedic
    • Veterinary
    • Industrial/Military
    • Security
  • Important Features
    • More than 200 shots with one full battery
    • Completely cordless power
    • Adjustable power setting
    • Touch Screen

Features A6FB


  • Convenience
    • Adjustable Power setting
    • Touch Panel LCD screen
    • Simple x-ray source to apply and easy to use
  • Compatibility and Battery
    • Compatible with any flat panel detector and software
    • Can shot 200 times with full battery



Q. Is ADX6000 FDA approved?
  • Yes! K143494is 510K number for ADX6000.
Q. What are the safety features?
  • Designed for handheld, so by shielding around generator and cone with multiple lead layers, it minimizes the leakage radiation.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery is very safe and stable with a safety circuit.
  • Back scatter shield protects the user.
Q. What is the warranty policy?
  • ADX6000 has 1 year of manufacturing warranty.
Q. What is the proper distance between skin and the device?
  • ADX6000 meets the requirements by FDA or other regulations, which SSD should be longer than 18cm from the focal point. Besides SSD, we recommend the distance from the skin to the edge of the cone should be 5 cm (2 inches) in order to get a good image.
Q. How do I get a good image?
  • A proper distance with the right angle(90º) are important.
  • The proper distance depends on the size of the detector. There will be a guide beam and its area should cover the size of the detector. Beam defines the area of actual exposure.
Q. Battery life?
  • It depends on how frequent the user uses it. Normally, we recommend to replace it every year, or at least two years for safety.
Q. How long does it take to charge the battery?
  • It takes about 1 hour and takes about 200 shots with a fully charged battery.
Q. What are the other options for power supply?
  • The external battery or the AC DC adapter is available.

Image Samples


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