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In an emergency situation a quick diagnosis for first aid and treatment is crucial to the patient’s life & better recovery. Minimizing the second effect or damage and maintaining the patient’s condition and protecting from injury or further symptoms from progressing is the key in urgent and emergency cases.

We could say the emergency care systems operating by a government and private organization like 911, an ambulance, rescue team in disaster area, missionary, sports team doctor and animal rescue and shelter team. Besides all outdoor systems, all hospitals have an emergency room for urgent care and treatment of patients.








At a spot the car accident, the driver or passengers are suspicious damaged on a shoulder, legs, cervical spine, rib and skull and internal breeding. In most case the rescue or emergency personnel treat them with a general knowledge by touching the pained or just following the overall manuals without specific accurate diagnosis.






Premium league and other professional sports players are easily injured during the strenuous game. The team doctors and medical team normally judge or diagnose its symptom thru their experience and knowledge with eyes and touching them and twisting their legs to judge if it fractured or sprain.

Generally, rescue team or other emergency team like 911 may be not a professional doctor. The serious injured patient should be treated more careful. So they need to get a professional consulting from the doctor before patient is transported to hospital. If the doctor has an X-ray pictures on the patient, he could give more accurate consulting to the team at the site about how to treat the patient. The consulting doctor could aware the symptom and will be ready to operate the patient when he reaches the emergency room in the hospital.


iRay A6 gives a live instant X-ray images on the spot to diagnose the symptom and get consulting from the doctor in remote before the injured patient moving and while carrying him to the hospital. iRay A6 strong features, powered by battery for complete open outdoor with no power situation and a flat panel detector combined for live image capture and transmit the image wirelessly to PC which enhances the image to be transferred to the main doctor in hospital.

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