In most hospitals there are a limited number and restricted radiology rooms so that the many patients will have to wait for a long time to take an even simple X-ray to diagnosis of bone fractures in urgent cases. Usually doctors order taking an X ray for accurate diagnosis however the patient would have to wait until the X-ray room to be available for them. This sort of situation happens every day in the hospitals.So you can think about what if they have a safe portable X-ray cleared by FDA and could use it immediately right onto the patient, it could be a lot of help to both patients and doctors.

Some hospitals are using a big cart carrying mobile X-ray to take X-rays. They carrying this X-ray machine by using a big rolling cart because X-ray machine is big and heavy.

Orthopedic doctors are looking for such kind of handy portable X-ray to take instant X-ray for extremities and get a live image right away besides a big traditional X-ray, which uses very high radiation exposure. Especially small local hospital or clinic has limited space to set up a restricted X-ray room are looking for an efficient way of quick diagnosis X-ray device to avoid patients traffic.

iRay A6 has a 3.5kg handy portable X-ray with battery. It is attached with a flat panel detector and screen to display the image right on the machine and see the images on their laptop simultaneously to manipulate the image such as zoom in-out, contrast and measuring the pictures etc. iRay A6™ strongest feature is safety.

The adjustable power from 50 to 80Kv with 5mA enables to optimize clear image with a minimal exposure of radiation close to the skin.


Nursing Home

Humans are living longer and there is more elderly people every year. Each government has concerned how well they provide medical services to the elderly people. Therefore, many intelligent policy makers and researcher are thinking about a remote medical service thru ubiquitous for nursing home.

Elderly people are not able to go hospital easily and it is getting more necessity for periodic medical & dental check-up at home. Nursing home personnel cannot carry around a big X-ray machine. Even mobile health care vehicle also has a limited space for it and more opportunity cost giving up having more stuffs for treatment.

iRay A6™s one of many features is wireless image transfer besides storing image on 16 Gigabyte memory in the machine no matter where the Wi-Fi is available or not. iRay A6 provides a AP (Access Point) module to be connected to vicinity laptop.

The staff can send the acquired image to the chip doctor to get consulting immediately when they require by mobile phone or broadband.


During past decade there were many new technologies introduced in dental industry. One of them is typically Implanting and the other one is digital intra oral sensor. Doctors desire to have a device to take more frequent X-ray to see the progress during the operation. If the doctor is a not well experienced, it is more true to make sure the direction is on the right way. Doctors want to scan the root canal and teeth bone to check up.

The doctor and hygienist should step out every time when they take an X-ray when they were using a wall-mount X-ray. It is very inconvenient way and sometimes dangerous to the patient if it takes long time before the anesthesia wear off. The situation is much worse if the doctor uses a film since they should wait until it has been developed to see.

This is the momentum that the portable dental X-ray invented. Something handy and instant image acquiring right there beside patient, as well as not affecting the operator from a safety perspective.

Now iRay D3 is being used for endoscopy, general dental care, single & full mouth X-ray for the new patient, orthodontic treatment.

For children dental, it gives more strong reason to have iRay D3 portable X-ray since most children are not concentrating but easily moving around. Also they feel scared to move when they are left alone while a hygienist step out for using a wall mount X-ray. So children patients can have the X-rays taken with the hygienist next to them without leaving the room.

Dexcowin iRay D3 and iRay D4 was invented more than a decade ago in 2004 after several years of R&D and still keep improving its safety and user friendly convenience features. Our first goal is the safety for users. It is biggest reason why the doctors pick Dexcowin iRay D3 and D4. Every single day we have 5 more new customers in the world.


Inspecting large animals, such as horses or cattle, for an accurate diagnosis or pre-purchase inspection it is difficult to transport the animal to an inspection facility. Mobility is essential for equine, zoo or farm veterinarian. Since inspections are outdoors or in barn the veterinarian needs a system that he can use in the field. Diagnosing and evaluating the animal correctly is crucial for the correct treatment.

Especially race horses gets accumulated fatigue on legs & knee and it happens horse fall down frequently gets injured during hard racing. The injured horse should be monitored on site for the first aid before carrying him to the facility.

At this time veterinarian should diagnosis accurately if the horse gets leg sprain or fractured. The treatment should be verified with an X-ray image. Horse, race horse is very high valuable asset to the owner. The first treatment depending on the injury is highly required and it affects the recovery.

iRay A6 live capture image feature enables the veterinarian to get instant and accurate diagnosis on site.

There are lots of animals in zoo like tiger and lions. How difficult do you think if the veterinarian should carry them in the treatment facility in case a lion has trouble in mouth or teeth or limb? He should give a shot of Novocain and several strong people put him on the truck to the treatment room and return him to the pen after treatment. It is very time consuming and inconvenient.

Dexcowin’s iRay series concept is that moving an X-ray to the patient instead moving the patient to the X-ray. iRay D4 is equipped with X ray and display screen on the top and intra oral sensor combined. It is used for instant dental treatment beside the animal patient. Or for other extremity for big animals iRay A6 is right choice.

In general pet clinic, there are many clinics still using a big X-ray machine for small pet teeth treatment. However, the traditional big X-ray exposes a high radiation and it is too much for small mouth of pet. It affects daily operator’s health also.

iRay D3 or D4 are designed for oral X-ray treatment for both human and animal. It gives a spot live clear image with 1/7 less minimal radiation to avoid unnecessary much exposure.



These days in all parts of the world, the act of terror can happen at any time and place. An terrorist act is one directed at people, has deadly consequences, and creates horror within the society. A terrorist’s deadliest tools are guns and explosives, bombs or materials killing massive numbers of people in crowded places such as airports, party places, sports games, subways or other crowded places. Its impact is expanding and being maximized towards a climactic moment. It is more severe in cases of a suicide bombings and shootings because of the large fatalities involved. 

Terrorism aims to kill innocent people randomly and give an indirect warning message to their target parties so their existence can be recognized.


This is different from the previous cases, which was pointed directly to the political facilities such as embassy buildings or military base.

Acts of terror are also performed by a small group or individual followers to a certain organization like a guerrilla unit. So it is more difficult for police or military to focus on a visible target to prevent terrorist attacks.

The police SWAT team or military team need a lightweight portable X-ray detection device to be able to easily carry for moving target in outdoor spots or outside of a regular conveyeor scanner system, and in a limited space like a patrol car where a big X ray scanner is not able to be fit in.


The airport check-in area or waiting room before a conveyor scanner system is still the hottest spot that terror could happen due to it being crowded. If the police SWAT team or security team walking patrol and find a person with a suspicious bag or an attended package, they do not want to open it but should check what it is inside.

There are many other security companies providing of VIP protection service, facility security & inspection for a government or private individual. The security service is not only limited to detecting an explosive material but also to find bugs hidden inside wall switches or squeezed inside tables. They do not want to touch or destroy it in order to inspect it.

Government facilities are still the most vulnerable target for terror attacks because of their large impact. If one day the staff receives a small, heavy, suspicious-looking box, they will not want to open it.

Many military bases are set up in dispatched local territories or in country borders. There is a lot of traffic passing thru the gate in the military compound or cross the border. Usually an MP is standing out at a check-point. A disguised private supplier is carrying in a suspicious bag or looks bigger around a shirt. An MP should look inside the bag without opening it or search the body without touching him.

For all those situations, iRay A6 was designed for all-in-one, combined with X ray, detector and image display on the machine. iRay A6 has also strong features for mobile site, lightweight (3.6kg only for machine) packing, fast installation, battery power, easy carrying handheld type so that the security teams can get into inspection site easily and make an intelligent decision instantly. iRay A6 has been tested in the most difficult, dangerous and complex military conditions for providing the most suitable information to the customers.


 In an emergency situation a quick diagnosis for first aid and treatment is crucial to the patient’s life & better recovery. Minimizing the second effect or damage and maintaining the patient’s condition and protecting from injury or further symptoms from progressing is the key in urgent and emergency cases.

We could say the emergency care systems operating by a government and private organization like 911, an ambulance, rescue team in disaster area, missionary, sports team doctor and animal rescue and shelter team. Besides all outdoor systems, all hospitals have an emergency room for urgent care and treatment of patients.

At a spot the car accident, the driver or passengers are suspicious damaged on a shoulder, legs, cervical spine, rib and skull and internal breeding. In most case the rescue or emergency personnel treat them with a general knowledge by touching the pained or just following the overall manuals without specific accurate diagnosis.

Premium league and other professional sports players are easily injured during the strenuous game. The team doctors and medical team normally judge or diagnose its symptom thru their experience and knowledge with eyes and touching them and twisting their legs to judge if it fractured or sprain.

Generally, rescue team or other emergency team like 911 may be not a professional doctor. The serious injured patient should be treated more careful. So they need to get a professional consulting from the doctor before patient is transported to hospital. If the doctor has an X-ray pictures on the patient, he could give more accurate consulting to the team at the site about how to treat the patient. The consulting doctor could aware the symptom and will be ready to operate the patient when he reaches the emergency room in the hospital.

iRay A6 gives a live instant X-ray images on the spot to diagnose the symptom and get consulting from the doctor in remote before the injured patient moving and while carrying him to the hospital. iRay A6 strong features, powered by battery for complete open outdoor with no power situation and a flat panel detector combined for live image capture and transmit the image wirelessly to PC which enhances the image to be transferred to the main doctor in hospital.


During the combat period, tens thousands of hostile deaths, the killed in action and wounded and death from wound occurred. However, it is a surprise to know that there were very substantial number of soldiers died and wounded in action even while peace keeping time from act of terror, accident.

Many thousands of military personnel in Army and also even sailors, airmen, and marines are performing military exercise every day throughout the world. They were deployed to the combat field to perform the mission in conflict territories and have been stayed even after cease fired to perform Operation Enduring Freedom in there.

Besides the conflict countries the soldiers are exposed to fatal risk, the many military personnels get wounded and died from the exercise and accidents in even normal non-conflict areas.

Every injury in field needs an emergency care and it contributes preventing the fatal and progress of further aftereffect. First aid treatment requires fast and accurate diagnosis. It is true in case of especially bullet wound and bone fracture before the wounded soldiers are being transferred to the field hospital or while waiting for treatment.

iRay A6 enables the medic in military medic vehicle to take an X-ray to do accurate treatment preventing the further progress of wound.

Navy warship is sailing for long time until it lands for being supplied. Normally most time floating in the middle of sea. In case the sailors get injured, which is expected to have bone fracture from the accident, the medic feels a necessity of X-ray device for diagnosis till transferring him to a hospital ship. However normally there is a limited space and it costs much to install a big X-ray. So there are not many cases it has an X-ray.

iRay A6 is a completely portable in circumstance at small space and it was designed for minimal radiation in there. It provides a live and clear images on the right time when X-ray images promptly are demanded.

Nowadays most countries tend to increase the budget for the welfare of military personnels in order to motivate them since they are devoting their lives for the country. A large amounts of budget set for medic for soldiers. Not only for emergency equipment but also dental for daily healthy life in military service.

Dexcowin iRay D3, iRay D4 are absolute alternative devices with all-in-one features to comply with governments budget plan for military.


iRay A6

Forensics, Fire and Arson, disaster victim identification (DVI).

Police investigators or fireman gather forensic evidence by using portable x-ray system and examine the fragments and gather information from the criminal or fire site.

The tiny evidence such as finding an ignition point from the scattered and melt down site could be determinable proof of arson that could be passed as a normal fire case.

The most important issue of forensics, fire and arson is the preserve the site to gather information or evidence with minimal damage to the site or body.

iRay A6’s mobility and adjustable power feature helps them to find the clue from some structural components, which cannot be moved to the lab or if do so, could damage the original condition. Also depending on the thickness or softness, adjusting power to the object will give investigators the clearer image that they are looking to receive.

For the case of murdered and buried victim or numerous dead bodies from a disaster or war, a police or military forensic team needs to identify them or group the scattered bones before being moved to avoid being damaged or mixed together with others.

Normally the location would be on a mountain or in a field with no electricity power supply. A heavy and ac-powered x-ray is not feasible for this purpose, but a portable and easy carrying lightweight X-ray is.

iRay A6 is a light and compact style portable X-ray device working with multiple extra batteries to be an answer to this investigation. Also besides the 8 x 10 flat panel detector, it supports an intra oral sensor to take a teeth X-ray images.

During a big earthquake, Tstunami in Japan five years ago, Japanese police used iRay D4, Dexcowin dental X-ray machine to acquired teeth from the dead body and identify them by matching dental data base. About 50,000 people’s teeth images stored in iRay D4 16 GB memory and transferred to PC to do search.

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