By combining all aspects of X-ray imaging into one, the AllMyT package allows you to reduce cost and increase productivity in all aspects of your dental practice. Save money by not having to purchase X-ray film and development chemicals. Save on the cost of labor for your X-ray technicians and eliminate expenditure on multiple sensors, computers, and software. Above all, the AllMyT solution starts at a price of just one sensor from our competitors.


No more moving your patient from operatory room to X-ray room. Stop telling your patient to wait 10-15 minutes for an open X-ray room. No longer limit yourself from inspecting the progress of your procedure because an X-ray machine is unavailable in the room. The AllMyT comes equipped with a sensor, an X-ray machine, a wireless touch screen Windows PC, as well as keyboard and mouse, offering you a truly complete mobile digital imaging solution.


The AllMyT has a 5 jointed arm that allows unprecedented flexibility. In addition, the AllMyT’s X-ray system doubles for a detachable, FDA-cleared handheld X-ray machine allowing you to truly capture radiographic images anywhere your hands can go. And with the sensor within arms reach and the X-ray system in your hands, avoid retakes and ensure a perfect shot the first time around.


Fixated on a mobile cart and at only 27 inches wide, maneuver the AllMyT wherever you require X-ray imaging. It may look like just an X-ray machine and arm on a mobile cart, but all of the AllMyT’s components are completely modular as well. The X-ray head itself detaches for immediate use as a safe handheld X-ray device, called the iRay D3. The wireless touch screen PC with connected sensor is also detachable for use in rooms which may not have either. And the sensor itself can be disconnected and used with other PC’s if desired.


The AllMyT increases productivity in your practice by reducing cost and increasing revenue. Stop spending on film and development chemicals and eliminate time wasted on developing film. Perform full mouth X-rays in under 5 minutes and capitalize on the time gained with the increased speed of capture. Protect your investment by eliminating the risk of dropping and breaking your machine or sensor. With the AllMyT, see more patients a day and operate more efficiently without the need to move your patient from room to X-ray room.


At Dexcowin, safety of our products is of utmost importance. The X-ray unit that comes attached to the AllMyT, also known as the iRay D3, is an FDA-cleared handheld X-ray device and has been repeatedly shown to pass and even exceed safety standards. With lower power and quantity of emitted radiation, the AllMyT system emits as little as 1/7 the equivalent radiation compared to standard wall mount X-ray systems. And with multiple layers of lead shielding in the interior, as well as an increased cone length of 20 cm, we further ensure the lowest radiation dosage possible.

Included also with our AllMyT is an acrylic backscatter shield, protecting the practitioner from any radiation reflected off the patient. So when it comes to children or the elderly, you and their guardian can stay right by their side during the X-ray exam for comfort and assurance. This coupled with our extremely sensitive sensors means the lowest radiation exposure possible for you and your patients without a sacrifice in image quality.

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