How we Started
At Dexcowin, we were the first to introduce a completely portable X-ray machine. Since 2004, we have lead the charge in safe, mobile handheld X-ray systems. Our first model, the iRay D3, revolutionized the dental industry by offering a portable yet safe X-ray solution. A dentist can stay in the room while an X-ray is taken, saving time and increasing overall productivity in the modern dental practice. Now simply move your machine from room to room, not your patient.

What we Became
Not satisfied with our achievement, we went further by creating the iRay D4, an all-in-one X-ray system with a 4.8 color display and attachable digital intraoral X-ray sensor. Now the X-ray generator, X-ray sensor, and live viewer are all encompassed in one safe, portable, handheld contraption. Designed for safety and mobility, be anywhere in the world and be ready to take radiographs on the go. Used during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan by forensic dentists to quickly and efficiently identify victims, as well as by mobile dentists practicing throughout the world. The iRay D4 is the perfect solution for dental radiography in remote locations allowing dentists to go places, physically and literally, they could never go before.

In strict adherence with our principle of moving forward, we went further still and in 2012, we introduced the iRay A6. Truly a technological work of art, the iRay A6 outshines the iRay D4 in every category. With fully adjustable power and attachable flat panel X-ray detector, the iRay A6 goes above and beyond dental radiography to general radiographic purposes ranging anywhere from medical imaging, to industrial nondestructive testing, and even to remote security checks.

Where we are Going
We won’t stop there, for at Dexcowin, progress and innovation is at the core of our company principle. When it comes to technological progression in radiography, we simply won’t settle for second place. In this regard, we invest heavily into our cutting edge R&D department to bring the latest most advanced radiographic systems to your doorstep. At Dexcowin, we believe if you are not moving forward, you are falling backwards.

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