March 24, 2020

In response to numerous phone and e-mail inquiries, Dexcowin
offers the following observations and recommendations in support of the global medical
community’s growing COVID-19 crisis:

Dexcowin is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to the
advancement of portable, battery-operated, handheld x-ray technology. This corporate
focus is unique in the radiography industry, allowing concentrated attention toward
the development of solutions to the common physical and ergonomic limitations
of conventional, fixed x-rayimaging systems.

The introduction of handheld x-ray generators to the medical,
dental and forensics communities nearly two decades ago revolutionized those
environments. When major emergencies emerge, they are essential.

Dentistry schools and volunteers are being pressed into action to
provide emergency dental care and medical emergency responders are desperate
for simple tools to diagnose infected patients exhibiting symptoms who are in
isolation  or quarantine. The sheer volume of the growing population
of virus victims intensifies the need for efficient, rapid examination of

Medical Examiners also are struggling with inefficientx-ray
equipment as they deal with the autopsies and identification of the COVID-19

The abrupt emergence of this latest outbreak underscores the need to respond in
unconventional ways, causing unprecedented stress on medical systems worldwide.
The demand for remote support, also known as “telemedicine” has become acute,
as potential COVID-19 patients are discouraged from entering traditional care
facilities and clinics for diagnosis and treatment.

Available space for treatment of critically ill patients in those
locations is projected to reach capacity or in some locations has already exceeded
capacity, leading to alternative venues such as tent-cities and even floating
hospitals and converted passenger ships to separate the general patient
populationfrom the newly infected.

Remarkable radiographic discoveries have revealed findings unique
to COVID-19 infectionsin chest x-rays of patients suffering pneumonia symptoms,
leading to this form of imaging becoming a screening tool. A system that can be
set up literally in minutes, capable of high-output, with immediatedigital
display of diagnostic-quality radiographs — requiring very little space and
totally wireless operation — is the perfect solution to such a pandemic.

Dexcowin offersrobust, mature, reliable solutions for both dental
and large-format medical emergency x-ray imaging demands:

COCOON Handheld Dental X-ray Generator &Digital Intraoral Sensor 

  • X-ray Head Specification:
    70kV x 1.7 /2.0 mA
  • Battery-Powered– High Frequency
    True DC
  • Lightweight Housing – Only
    5 lbs. (2,2 kg)
  • Safety tested
  • High-Quality Image Intraoral
    sensors,  size 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 &Image
    Management Software

ADX6000 X-ray Generator &17” x17″ (43 x 43 cm)Flat Panel DR Detector  

  • X-ray Head Specification:
    50~80kv x 1.0~5.0 mA
  • Battery-Powered– High Frequency
    True DC

  • Lightweight Housing —
    only 7.7 lbs. (3,5 kg)
  • Handheld or Tripod Mountable
    with available remote switch operation
  • Safety tested
  • High-Quality Image Flat
    Panel Detector,  CSi Technology
    &Image Management Software

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