We have been working with Dexcowin for 8 years and during this time we have had an effortless relationship.

We first started using the hand held units eight years ago because we wanted to have greater flexibility in terms of taking x-rays. Many offices including ours have awkward room angles, chair position restrictions for children and special needs patients, but these Dexco portable unit help us achieve great results each and every time. We have also noticed the learning curve to be very short and with the user shoulder straps a complete series can be taken in half of the time of the mounted arm on traditional machines.

The Dexco portable units also saved us thousands of dollars on avoiding needless construction cost associated with wall/ ceiling and the channeling of wires for traditional unit.

A big thanks to Dexcowin for always being attentive, caring and cost effective.

Doctor Markus Watson

South Beach Dental- San Francisco