Whether it’s to be used for medical, mechanical repair or security purposes Dexco’s portable X-Ray machines are the solution. In the field or during training a standard size X-ray machine may not be available, convenient or feasible, a portable X-Ray machine is mobile and easy to transfer, needs no more housing space than a small bags and it extremely practical. Having the ability to view if it’s the injury is a simple sprain or a fracture can make a huge difference when it comes to making decisions. As for mechanical use, knowing if there is a crack on the wing of a plan or damage done to vital equipment can make the difference between making the right or wrong decision. In terms of security a portable X-Ray gives you the ability to see where the human I can’t. Its portability makes it easily transferable and cuts setup time tremendously. With this asset you would be able to randomly check objects or setup effective checkpoints in a matter of minutes.


Many governments today are increasing their military medical care budget. However, the military necessitates specialized equipment, especially with respect to mobility and live capture and view. Enter Dexcowin’s iRay A6. This state of the art, all-in-one X-ray system is wireless, handheld and extremely portable. According to statistical data, most military injuries occur either during field exercise or whilst performing field work. In such situations, prompt diagnoses can be hard to perform as professional medical facilities are very often not in the vicinity. With the iRay A6, bring your diagnostic equipment to the field and be ready to inspect anytime, anywhere. Comes with an attachable flat panel X-ray detector as well as mounted screen, this all-in-one machine allows you to view your radiographs live as they’re taken. Also includes wireless transfer capabilities so you can immediately move your X-ray images from machine to computer and receive live consultation from special medical professionals far away. With hundreds of images possible on just one battery charge and 16 Gb internal storage for saving thousands of images, the iRay A6 is the compact, yet heavy duty system for all your remote radiographic needs.

Marine / Navy

Almost all Marine and Naval activities are carried out abroad away from professional medical facilities. Often times, it is unfeasible to be equipped with standard X-ray systems in such situations. With the iRay A6, remove these obstructions and bring your radiographic facility into the field. With fully adjustable power, and attachable intraoral sensor or flat panel detector (8 in X 10 in or 10 in X 12 in), perform anything from dental X-rays to full body examination.