In most hospitals there are a limited number and restricted radiology rooms so that the many patients will have to wait for a long time to take an even simple X-ray to diagnosis of bone fractures in urgent cases. Usually doctors order taking an X ray for accurate diagnosis however the patient would have to wait until the X-ray room to be available for them. This sort of situation happens every day in the hospitals.So you can think about what if they have a safe portable X-ray cleared by FDA and could use it immediately right onto the patient, it could be a lot of help to both patients and doctors.


Some hospitals are using a big cart carrying mobile X-ray to take X-rays. They carrying this X-ray machine by using a big rolling cart because X-ray machine is big and heavy.

Orthopedic doctors are looking for such kind of handy portable X-ray to take instant X-ray for extremities and get a live image right away besides a big traditional X-ray, which uses very high radiation exposure. Especially small local hospital or clinic has limited space to set up a restricted X-ray room are looking for an efficient way of quick diagnosis X-ray device to avoid patients traffic.

iRay A6 has a 3.5kg handy portable X-ray with battery. It is attached with a flat panel detector and screen to display the image right on the machine and see the images on their laptop simultaneously to manipulate the image such as zoom in-out, contrast and measuring the pictures etc. iRay A6’s strongest feature is safety.

The adjustable power from 50 to 80Kv with 5mA enables to optimize clear image with a minimal exposure of radiation close to the skin.

Nursing Home
Humans are living longer and there is more elderly people every year. Each government has concerned how well they provide medical services to the elderly people. Therefore, many intelligent policy makers and researcher are thinking about a remote medical service thru ubiquitous for nursing home.

Elderly people are not able to go hospital easily and it is getting more necessity for periodic medical & dental check-up at home. Nursing home personnel cannot carry around a big X-ray machine. Even mobile health care vehicle also has a limited space for it and more opportunity cost giving up having more stuffs for treatment.


iRay A6’s one of many features is wireless image transfer besides storing image on 16 Gigabyte memory in the machine no matter where the Wi-Fi is available or not. iRay A6 provides a AP (Access Point) module to be connected to vicinity laptop.

The staff can send the acquired image to the chip doctor to get consulting immediately when they require by mobile phone or broadband.


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