You can use a laptop with Rex2 sensor but you need to change the power saving settings for you usb port to make sure you have maximum power to usb port.

If you are taking an xray and sensor doesn’t recognize xray or pauses please check xray unit strength.

If you have a black image make sure sensor is plug into a good usb port. Also make sure that cord is not damaged or if you have an extension take off extension and check. If you still have black image call tech support.

If you have distorted image try to delete directory C:EzSensor and reinstall software from CD.

Yes. iRay D3 has an separate modes for both film or PSP and sensor to any X-ray image detecting device or materials. The operator can select and change the mode for each modality.

Yes. We have been cleared by FDA, the registration number of 510K is K133007. We meet all requirements from FDA safety feature and EMI.

The iRay D3 is safe for handheld use. The radiation level is 1/7 compared to wall mount type X-ray. The iRay D3 emits radiation at a much lower rate than that of a standard X-Ray machine. Dexco encases the x-ray generator and cone in lead. Our backscatter shield effectively scatters most radiation so it is safe to hold by hand.

Product package comes with two batteries, battery charger, carrying bag, back scattered shield and an optional neck strap. The neck strap relieves the weight, and spreads the weight over the body thereby reducing shaking and prevents dropping.

We have two years manufacturer warranty and free repair for accidental damage like dropping it.

iRay D3 is a simple X-ray source than can be adaptable to any other device (Sensor or film) a with different software environments.

No. Comes with CD to install sensor.

  • iRay D4 is a combines a handheld X-ray, image screen and sensor in one machine. It is a standalone all in one solution handheld X-ray. The image can be stored in or transferred wireless or wire to PC.
  • It is totally portable handheld battery operated.

It has 16GB memory to store more than 1000 images.

Dexco’s iRay D4 is compatible with schick(Fona), e2V (Different brand name such as Dentimax, XDR etc.) and Vatech and most intra oral camera

Yes. It has a color graphical UI screen with touch screen to select menu and operate.

iRay D4 produces Jpeg, BMP file and DICOM images that can be attached to any software. The images can be transmitted to a PC by wire or wireless and attached to the patient chart.

Yes. It could both. It has also clone image function the user can see the acquired image on the both screen of machine and PC simultaneously.

Yes. It is cleared by FDA. 510K number is K134055

The iRay D4 has own windows operating system and acquires and process the image by itself. In addition the iRay D4 is packaged with software for image transition to PC for processing.
Please contact us if you have further questions info@dexcowin.com

  • iRay A6 is a multiple purpose portable handheld X-ray machine combined with different image devices such as digital camera and X-ray detector so that the doctor or can operators can acquire the images aimed at different objects.
  • Power for each purpose of is adjustable from 50Kv to 80Kv and 1mA to 5mA. The power adjustment and different size of detector being attached makes many applications such as medical, industrial, security check or non-destructive test etc.
  • iRay A6 is a combination of a handheld X-ray, image screen and sensor all combined in one machine. The image can be stored in or transferred wireless or wire to a PC.
  • It is totally mobile handheld and battery operated.

It has 16GB memory to store more than 500~800 pictures.

8 x 10″ 10 x 12″ flat panel detector available and intra oral sensor.

Yes. It has a color graphical UI with touch pad to select menu and operate

  • iRay A6 produces a Jpeg, BMP file and also DICOM image to be attached to any other software
  • Images can be transmitted to PC by wire or wireless could be attached to the patient chart or other purpose software.

Yes, it does both. It has also clone image function, which is the user can see the image on the machine and PC screen simultaneously.

The iRay A6 is windows OS and acquires and process the image by itself.

  • Emergency medical vehicle (Ambulance or EMS), Zoo or Horse care veterinary,
  • Military field hospital and mobile medic and Sports team doctors
  • Security check
  • Experimental R&D centers developing a new medicine and medical research
  • Ecology
  • Identification of cadaver
  • Non-destructive inspection, Production or checking aircraft wings