Is this FDA approved?

  • Yes. Here is 510K number. K173046.

What is the safety features?

  • COCOON is protected with a lead inside to block the leakage radiation
  • Safe lock key prevents unintentional exposure
  • A neck strap is provided
  • COCOON speaks to give a verbal guide to the operator giving a caution for a safe operation
  • COCOON was tested by a certified lab or a professor for safety
  • Backscatter shield permanently fixed.

Is this compatible with any sensors?

  • COCOON is same as a other regular X-ray. You can use with any sensors.

What is the warranty policy? You have an extended warranty plan?

  • COCOON has One year manufacturing warranty but can be purchased for an extended warranty plan

What are the better features compared with other a gun type product?

  • We have put all accumulated technology on COCOON for safety and usability for example, Large screen, Menu selection by touch key, It speaks, 5 times more shots capacity than competitor product, applied higher power(70kvp) to cover most of sensors, PSP or film etc.  Please see the specification and features on COCOON overview

How long is the battery being charged?

  • We package a charger mount. It is being charged all the time and ready to use. Fully discharged unit will take one and half (1.5 Hr) hour for full charge.

COCOON has just turned off itself in few minutes when I put it on the charging dock. Is this normal?

  • Yes . It is normal. COCOON has a feature turning off in 3 min. unless being used to  save battery power.

What is the recommended distance to the skin COCOON needs to position?

  • We recommend you should position COCOON right angle to the skin or chick with 2 inchs or 5 centimeters space

How should I clean it?

  • COCOON is UV coated. But it is 100% waterproof. So be cautioned not to put too much liquid type sanitizer or scrub the surface. It is okay softly rub with small amounts of sanitizer.




I am looking for good quality but cheaper sensor to replace the old one working with my current practice software. Is REX2 compatible with my current software?

  • Yes. REX2 is bundled with twain driver compatible with most software in the market. You can replace the old one under no change of practice software system
  • REX2 is enabled Full mouth X-ray (FMX) series shot functions with Dexis, Schick, Suni, Apteryx, Kodak, EVA, Dentimax, XDR etc.

What is the warranty policy?

  • We have one year manufacturer warranty and 5 years reduced cost replacement plan in case of accidental damage.

How can I connect REX2 to my PC?

  • REX2 has a direct 3.0 USB interface. You can simply connect REX2 to the USB port of your PC.

What kind of software program is REX2 provided with?

  • REX2 basically comes with Dexcowin software supporting JPG, BMP as well as DCM.

Does REX2 work with my X-ray source?

  • Yes. REX2 is the high sensitive imaging sensor on much advanced CMOS technology base.

What is the length of cable of REX2?

  • It is 9.8ft(3m).

What size of REX2 available?

  • There are two sizes of REX2, size#1.5 universal size for both adult and Kid, size2.0 for adult

Cable is stable and durable for long time use?

  • Yes. It was tested 25K times for stable and durable quality.


What is the concept of iRay D4?

    • iRay D4 is a creative and unique model combined handheld X-ray and image screen and sensor all together in one machine. It is a standalone type all in one solution handheld X-ray. The image can be stored in or transferred wireless or wire to close PC.
    • It is totally portable handheld operating by battery.

How many images does it hold?

  • It has 16GB memory to store more than 1000 pictures.

Do I need to buy software?

  • iRay D4 has own operating system , windows and acquire and process the image by itself.
  • iRay D4 is packaged with software for image transition to PC and process.

Is it FDA Cleared?

  • Yes. It is cleared by FDA. 510K number is K134055

Can it send images to my pc wirelessly or with a wire?

  • Yes. It could both. It has also clone image function the user can see the acquired image on the both screen of machine and PC simultaneously.

Does it bridge to my software?

  • iRay D4 produce Jpeg, BMP file and DICOM image to be attached to any other software
  • The transmitted image to PC by wire or wireless could be attached to the patient chart

Is it touch-screen?

  • Yes. It has a color graphical UI screen with touch screen to select menu and operate

Can I use my own sensor or intra oral camera?

    • Now it is compatible with schick(Fona), e2V (Different brand name such as Dentimax, XDR etc.) and Vatech …
    • Most intra oral camera

Please contact us if you have further questions info@dexcowin.com

DX3000 F.A.Q.

Is this FDA approved?

Yes. Here is 510K number. K133007

What are the safety features?

  • Designed for handheld, so by shielding around generator and cone with different layers to minimize the leakage radiation for handheld use.
  • A neck Strap is available to prevent dropping.
  • Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery is very safe and stable with a safety circuit
  • Battery can be charged.
  • Backscatter shield protects the user


Is it Compatible with any detector?

DX3000 is same as other regular X-ray, working independently. You can use with any sensor, Film or PSP operating by any software.


What is the warranty policy?

DX3000 has two years manufacturing warranty for equipment and 1 year for battery


How do I know which exposure time is recommended for every teeth type?

DX3000 provides a preset exposure time on the GUI. The exposure time table for reference is shown in the user manual. However it could be also adjustable by the user preference. .


What is the proper distance to the skin DX3000 needs to position?

DX3000 meets with the requirement by FDA or other regulatory, which SSD should be longer 18 cm from the focal point, which is a center of tube inside the generator. 

Besides SSD, we recommend the distance from the skin to the edge of the cone should be 5 cm (2 inches) in order to get a good image or avoid cone cut.


How could I get the best image?


X-ray spreads from the anode of tube 16 degrees. The user should maintain 5 cm (Or 2 Inches) distance between the skin and the edge (End of cone) and try to make

a right angle against the sensor or detector. The proper distance and right angle position could help the better image and avoid cone cut.


Battery life


It depends on how frequent the user uses. Normally we recommend it should be replaced every year but at least two years for safety.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes about 1 hour and enhances about 250 or 300 times shot with a fully charged one. 


What other options of power supply


The external battery or a AC DC adapter is available. 


If you have any other questions, Please contact us info@dexcowin.com