Since Dexcowin was established in 2004 over a decade ago it has expanded a geographical market over the world: North & South America, the Middle East, Central & Southeast Asia, and Pacific including Japan and Australia and Africa. We maintain a high level market recognition and acceptance, with increasing sales even though the market is highly saturated. We are stepping up slowly but are very solidly growing because we work hard for the best quality and safety to maximize customer satisfaction. Dexcowin diversifies the industry and we dedicate our full resources to renovate technology and collaborate with schools. These activities enable the users to achieve their goals. Our products are proven in the dental market and other industries. Our products convince those who use the and who are looking for the best quality solution. Dexcowin’s “safe to hold by hand” mobile x-ray devices are the remarkable for wireless handheld operation and imaging solutions. Our goal is to continue to be the best company providing safety and mobility to the digital radiology market as total solution provider. Here at Dexcowin we are proud of our performance and award winning products.

  • Established in 2004
  • DX3000, ADX4000 Certified KFDA in 2005
  • Good Design Award in 2005
  • Certified Japan FDA in 2008
  • Sales in over 40 countries as a certified product
  • 1 Million US$ Exporting Award in 2010
  • Nominated as a best company sponsored by the Korean government for international Organizations, UN organizations and IBRD bid
  • Nominated as Korean Best Products Award four years running
  • Dexcowin Global Inc. established in 2012 located in Pasadena CA, USA
  • ADX6000 for a medical, veterinary, security check or non destructive test use certified USFDA in 2014
  • Dexcowin Japan, established in 2016 located in Kobe Japan


  • Global distributors in 40 countries including Dental and Veterinary
  • Approved to sell and cleared in 41 states US
  • Over 20,000 units have been sold and using over the world including a cottage in

Kenya and Tanzania Africa since 2005

  • COCOON (DX7017/DX7020) for dental and Veterinary use certified by FDA 2017