Dexconnect software integration

Dexconnect software integration allows you to free your practice from being tied to one sensor in order to integrate digital images with your imaging software. Our Dexconnect software allows you to you’re your existing software to capture a FMX (full mouth x-ray or series shot) or other layout with a single click. Dexconnect software allows you to replace your current sensor with the REX2. This allows you to have a high quality digital sensor at a lower price without purchasing new software or retraining your staff.

Dexcowin provides a less expensive premium sensor alternative that maintains the finest quality and compatibility. The Rex2 sensor provides a better image, is thinner and compatible with Dexis 8,9,10/Eagle Soft/Apterix/Suni/XDR/Kodak/Care stream/Shick.

We allow you break the chain that locks you into a single sensor vendor solution while maintaining your software investment.